Friday, March 29, 2013

3 of the most beautiful words

There is nothing I love more than a good road trip. Even if it is by myself. I grab some good road snacks, ya know the healthy stuff (white cheddar cheese popcorn, cherry coke, and cheddar chex mix), get my jams ready so I can ya know JAM, and a good sermon or two on the IPhone. After I get my shades on, my booster seat adjusted (yep that's real) and my seat belt buckled I hit the road jack. Last Monday was no different. I was super excited to travel to Kentucky to see a precious friend and speak at the ministry that she is faithfully involved in. My road trip, since it was in God's will, should have been filled with sunshine, jams, and sing-alongs. Ummm... incorrect! I was having my own private concert jamming to some tunes on the interstate when the torrential rain started. The freak out mode, that I am more often than not successful at keeping stuffed inside, came out with a vengeance. Tears, difficulty breathing, and irrational fear are all included in that mode. I am not the best driver in the most wonderful conditions. When you add crazy rain to an already crazy girl the combo does not mix well. I started to hydroplane and as Carrie Underwood (who I just saw in jealous and then repent) so beautifully sang "Jesus take the wheel!" I felt completely out of control and terrified. I started to freak and pray saying "God, I am trying to do YOUR will! I am traveling to share YOUR truth. You are creator and the maker of the clouds and the rain. I KNOW you CAN remove this and bring the sunshine." For two hours of fear, frustration, and hydroplaning I prayed this. I felt my frustration brewing because I knew that God, in His sovereignity was choosing not to remove the rain and the clouds. But why???

You see, I know that life isn't always perfect but in the recesses of my mind I realized that I expect no clouds or torrential rain to come when I am following God's will. Ridiculous I know! That is not a promise from God. Just look at Jesus. Luke 22:41-42 says "He was withdrawn
from them about a stone’s throw, and He knelt down and prayed, saying, “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.” Please know that in no way am I comparing my scary road trip to Jesus' circumstances the night before He was crucified. That would be crazy stupid! However, as I ponder over the incredible event I am ashamed at my actions over a silly rain storm. Jesus did not try to guilt God into removing the storm set before Him! He openly claimed His desire to be removed from it yet completely humbled Himself to walk through the storm for the purpose of fulfilling His father's will. What a shot to the heart this passage was for me (in a good way!) The path of God's will is not always good music, sunshine, and sweet times. Yet, the path of "not my will, but YOURS LORD" is always good. Without fail the world changes, a heart changes, an attitude changes, and the future changes!

 Our great God had the power to come down and wipe Jesus' bloody tears from His face. He had the power to send angels down and remove His only son from the cross. He had the power to stretch His arms down and carry His son away from the weight of sin. Last Monday He had the power to remove the clouds. He had the power to remove Sacralageneis from my little body 25 years ago. He has the power to change your circumstances and remove all the hurt and struggles that you are walking through. Why won't He? In His great goodness (no not a typo) and sovereignty He has chosen not to. Because maybe He wants our world to change, our hearts to change, our attitudes to change, and our future to change. He knows the story He is writing, we only see the current page full of storms and clouds. Without the storm of sacralagenesis I would not be traveling, writing, or speaking....or traveling through the storm last week. When put into perspective I would walk the storm again! He loved me too much NOT to allow me to walk through the storms! He loves you too much NOT to allow you to walk through the storms! He loved us too much NOT to allow Jesus to walk through it. So today as we celebrate GOOD Friday let us be so thankful that Jesus did not resist the affliction! Let us follow in His footsteps as the clouds cover and the rain falls crying out "not my will, but yours Lord be done!" For one day soon we will understand why He did not remove the clouds and the rain and we will be thankful the thunder kept rolling and the rain kept pouring. But for now we will cling to the example set by the Savior who said "not my will..."

He's Big and I'm Little!

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