Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Give Up...

January 1st I decided that I was going to start working out again. You know the typical resolution... the one that I never follow through on. Like the time I was in college and said I would drink more water... well water is an ingredient in sweet tea so that counts right, or the time I said I would start walking/jogging every morning, does kicking your legs in a running motion while half asleep in bed count? Yep, I am the girl that quits when it gets tough. So this new resolution was going to be tough since I had taken a nice long sabbatical from the gym. In fact, I felt a cold sweat coming on every time I thought about returning to my local gym. The thought of walking on the treadmill profusely sweating while the girl next to me ran with her long flowing locks hanging down with no sign of sweat or fatigue made me nauseous. Oh please sign me up for that confidence builder!

 So to protect me from treadmill turmoil Brittany offered to work out with me. BIG MISTAKE people...big mistake! Little did I know that my sister turns into Jillian Michaels on the Biggest Loser. I was ready for a leisurely work out in my cute work out outfit and my fun little pony tail with no hair out of place (Please take time to close your eyes and picture this will laugh I promise). She presses play and about 5 seconds in I started praying for the rapture. We are doing all of these crazy high kicks (Brit's legs are reaching the sky and if you blink you will miss my kick). I am sweating profusely through my cute outfit, looking like I stuck my head in an electrical socket, and wondering if I could get away with slapping that happy smirk off her dry lack of sweat face (I repented of this emotion later...don't hate). About half way in I stopped and said "this is psycho...who does this! I can't do this anymore." Jillian Michaels aka my sister sweetly screams, during some high kick push up move from you know where, "Don't quit! Don't stop! You can do it!" For a moment I thought about going postal on her aerobic attitude but it was like the Lord spoke to me saying "Betsy, don't quit on this, don't quit on my plan just because it gets tough!" You see I want to look like I was carved out of a rock (insert laughter due to the ridiculous impossibility of that statement) but more importantly I want to be remembered as someone that didn't quit when life got tough. That I heard the words of my Savior calling out saying "Don't quit! Don't stop! I can do it through you!" 

Earlier this week I felt myself falling into a spiritual sabbatical. I found myself wishing that life was not so tough and saying to the Lord "this is crazy. I can't do this anymore!" I want to be the girl running on the treadmill (only with my hair up...I think it's weird when girls work out with their hair down...ok I digress) living the "normal" life with the "normal calling".  I feel the soreness of a bruised and battered heart believing the lie of Satan that the resolution of my life to run hard after the Lord may be a bit too hard for my "quitter" attitude. I wonder if you feel like me sometimes. The path you are on, the life that you can't pause and take a break from, the workout your emotions are taking a beating from is just too overwhelming and you want to quit. Well let me be Jillian Michaels for a minute, I will say this to myself in the mirror as well, Satan (aka the source of our sore muscled hearts and frazzled emotions) desires nothing more than for us to press stop on our life when it gets too tough and no longer listen to the one walking with us, encouraging us, and sweetly speaking to us "don't quit on me now! Don't stop! I got this!" Imagine if in the midst of Joseph's spiritual workout he just pressed stop and walked off with Potipher's wife. Imagine if Esther too nervous to stand up to her husband and King stowed away in the kitchen and ate bon bons instead of fasted for God's answer. Imagine if Gideon too afraid to be a warrior choose to irrationally ignore the voice of God.  Imagine if Job in the midst of his great despair focused on his sores instead of the story God was writing. They all would have never made it to the end and seen the great and mighty work that God did through a battered, bruised, and sore heart. But they did not press stop instead continued to work through the soreness and struggles to see the transformation in the end. Galatians 6 says "For let us not grow weary in doing good for in due time we will reap a harvest if WE DO NOT GIVE UP!" So instead of quitting let us look towards the transformation God has planned for He is sweetly shouting "Don't quit! Don't stop! I got this!"

He's Big and I'm Little,


  1. hey stranger! Can we be friends soon and catch up!?? i LOVED this post so much! mostly b/c i could truly see the whole thing play out! proud of you!

    ashley robbins

  2. Thanks Betsy. Through your blog you have been such an encouragement to me.