Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The three Musketeers


I have heard so many people say recently that "your family should have their own reality show!" The scary thing is they are probably right! We are always doing something crazy, redneck, or completely hysterical. The best part about my family though; the thing I feel that is most reality show worthy is that they live like Jesus! No they are not perfect...far from it! They have gotten on my nerves, hurt my feelings, and pushed my buttons but that goes both ways unfortunately! My 3 siblings are the BEST people in the entire world. I realize that I am bias but I think it's true!Growing up different was quite difficult at times. I struggled with feelings of inadequacy and rejection. Yet, as I look back now on those days that were hard I can't help but see Jesus in those moments.Jesus was there calming me, protecting me,and comforting me. He was living through my 3 musketeers!

Ben, always the clear headed one that sees the good in every situation. Anytime someone said a cruel word that cut me to the core he would call me and quietly, with incredible sensitivity, remind me that God was going to use my pain for His glory. That there was always an opportunity to show Christ's love to one's that had hurt me with their words. He is my calm presence. Blair, always fiercely protecting me! Her protective godly heart spoke words that convicted hearts yet never caused anger. That is a God given talent. She has had a come to Jesus meeting with many people throughout my life. I knew she had my back and when the tears fell she protected my heart as well. She is my warrior! Brittany, ever the sensitive spirit! She would cry with me. I would look over at her and most often she was crying harder than I was. Sometimes I would end up consoling her, great tactic to help me forget the pain. Every tear, every cruel word, every broken heart she felt along with me. She is my comforter.

During times of hurt or great struggles the presence of Christ is evident in those around us! Timothy had Paul. When Timothy felt like giving up Paul was there reminding him of the purpose in suffering (2 Timothy 1) and the goodness of the Savior they serve. Paul was Timothy's calm presence. David had Jonathan. His warrior in word and deed. In the midst of David's battle Jonathan took up the fight and repeatedly protected David against his own father (1 Sam. 19-4-7). He was David's warrior! Naomi had Ruth. In the midst of Naomi's sorrow Ruth "clung" to her and wept (Ruth 1). Naomi slowly crawled out of her bitter and sorrowful state through the comfort of her friendship with Ruth. Ruth felt her pain and lived it alongside of her. She was her comforter! Big Daddy Weave wrote a song called "What life would be like". The lyrics say "I wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live through you and me." I can tell you this, my life has been much sweeter through the sadness because my siblings have allowed Jesus to live through them!The memories I have constantly remind me of the great impact living like Jesus can have. My prayer is that I can be Jesus to those around me! You never know who needs a calm presence, or a warrior to fight when they are too weak, or a comforter to cry alongside them. What a difference it makes in the midst of sorrow when we are not alone!

He's Big and I'm Little,

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