Friday, March 23, 2012

Becoming Like Him...

"Wow, Bets that is a huge hamburger! You gonna eat all that?" These kind encouraging words came from my brother. Good thing I am not self-conscious or anything (just kidding). Ok I may have ordered the double patty at Wendy's, but girl's gotta eat! My quick response was " I didn't have time to eat lunch today!" Before I could even give my brother a chance to respond I gasped! "Oh gosh! I have become my dad!" See, my dad says that all the time & let's be honest, love him but he doesn't make a habit of skipping meals! The man loves to eat...and so do I! The other day at a stoplight I looked down and without even thinking I was staring at my hands snapping to the music...yes snapping! My mom snaps all the time to the radio. I always laugh and say "you are such a snapper!" I am such a snapper NOW! I am watching as Betsy slowly slips away into a mixture of my parents...the inevitable has occurred. I have watched as my siblings do the same. Whew! I am not alone.I can no longer live in denial. Good thing they are cool or I would truly be up a creek...

It is natural to act like our parents and do the things that they always do. Sorry people we can't fight it! They gave birth to us. We were created with their qualities and quirks. We have lived day in and day out watching them and then we pattern those qualities. Some good...some bad like the 5,000 calorie hamburger! I had to ask myself as I was snapping in the I just act like my earthly father? Or have I allowed my heavenly Father's qualities to consume me?

He created us and in Genesis 1:27 it says " So God created mankind in his own image,in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." If we are made in His image that means we should LOOK and ACT like Him. If He loves the broken, we love the broken. If He is kind to the sinner, we are kind to the sinner. If He cries when His children are in pain, then we cry! When we spend time with Him day in and day out, listening to His word, watching His actions through His word we become like Him. It is inevitable. Paul said it best when he says in 1 Cor. 1:11 "Be imitators of me as I am of Christ." Paul had become so like Christ he says follow me now!

I have become so much like my parents that I can now say...if you wanna be like my dad or mom FOLLOW ME! Well, the more we fall in love with the Lord and know Him with the same intimacy and love we know our parents we can say "Follow me if you wanna be like HIM!"

He's Big and I'm Little (desiring to be like Him),

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