Thursday, December 15, 2011

Is He late??

late !
So…it’s ten days until Christmas! Ten days…aaahhh can I say anxiety attack! Ten days to finish all my shopping! Yep, that’s right I waited until the last minute. I seem to do this every year. Every year around Halloween I always tell myself to start early…and I never do! I never do anything early. I always feel like I am behind on everything! I just can’t seem to get it together! I want to be that early bird that catches the worm but in fact that saying always grossed me out as a kid. Needless to say it was not motivating. Maybe if it said something like the early girl catches her prince charming…I would be an hour early for everything. As I have gotten older it seems to have gotten worse. I always feel like I am running late. I hate it! It seems that I am never on time.
The other day I was praying and I asked God why He was so late answering this certain prayer request. Some of you are probably sitting at the computer with your mouth wide open that I would ask God such a question. Yet, He is my dad and I feel confident asking Him about what I am thinking…He already knows! My heart was heavy because I feel like this request was sent to heaven years ago and yet no answer, no relief. I felt that God was late! Isn’t it funny (not in the hahaha sense) how I attribute my human faults to God. I expect Him to answer just how I want it right away! I blame it on those Hallmark movies. This time of year I am glued to those cheesy chick flicks…just told my embarrassing secret! AWESOME! At the beginning of every movie there is some horrible circumstance and as the credits start rolling you (ok maybe just me) give a big sigh at the happily ever after ending you just watched! In just two hours everything went for insanely terrible to unbelievably awesome, just in time for Christmas! I then turn my eyes to heaven and say “God, why can’t you do this for me?”
Why is it that the road of insanely terrible to unbelievably awesome takes so much longer in real life than a hallmark movie? God’s ways are much higher than the producer of a Hallmark film and He knows what we need, when we need it (Isaiah 55:9)! He always answers! John 14:14 says "If you ask anything in my name, I will do it" or one of my favorites 1 Thess. 5:24 “He who promised is faithful and He will surely do it.”  Maybe we just aren’t listening or we are too busy looking for the happy ending to see the hand reaching out to lead us there? It’s just like my Christmas shopping experience. If I get in too much of a rush looking for a gift instead of what this season really means I have missed the purpose! Maybe…just maybe I am waiting on an answer so that I can learn what this season of life really means instead of looking for the happily ever after “gift”! God wants to teach us something through the waiting period! We must remember that unlike us…HE IS ALWAYS ON TIME!

He's Big (and answers me) & I'm Little (and impatient),

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