Wednesday, September 7, 2011

If Heaven ain't a lot like Dixie...I still wanna go

Y’all are probably laughing hysterically at this picture right now but this is quite normal for my family and to be honest the south in general! Just like any southern girl…I am proud to be from the South! I was raised to believe that God kissed the earth and called it the south and his heart especially loves North Carolina! I was watching a show on the history channel last week all about Dixie. My heart swelled thinking about what an awesome place it is! It was all about the people of south and the things we adore. People may think we talk funny, that we have no teeth or brain cells for that matter, and that even our cereal is cooked in grease. But I still believe the south is heaven on earth! I was raised on the 6 f’s of life; faith, family, food, fellowship, football, and my mawmaw’s favorite fatback (if you don’t know what that is your arteries are thankful)! Life seems a little slower, a lot sweeter, and much simpler below the Mason Dixon….ok, I have never lived above the Mason Dixon but that ain't (thought I'd throw that in there) the point. I could literally talk about home and the pride of the south until I was blue in the face. If you wanna get this little gal fired up then tell me that North Carolina is not in the south and I might lose my witness! Many of y’all have experienced that…oops!

I say all this because the other night I was lying in bed thinking about the best BBQ in the world (NC vinegar based of course), football season (Go Wolf Pack!), and the redneck yacht club (aka my family at the lake). All of the sudden a thought slipped into my mind that maybe I was more proud of where I was born than who made me “born again” and the spirit of the south was flowing through my veins more than the spirit of the Lord! I do not believe that the Lord dislikes the fact that I love my roots and my home. Yet, I had to ask myself do I get as fired up when someone says something against my Savior as I do the south? I am quick to defend my roots but sometimes slow to defend whom I am rooted in. One day I am going to meet my Maker and He will not judge me for what I did or did not do for the south. He will judge me on what I did or did not do for the Kingdom. Y’all may not have a passion for the south. In fact, you may love your northern roots (I pray for y’all daily… just kidding), or your favorite sports team, or your success in your job. Luke 12:34 says “where your treasure is, your heart will be also!” As a friend of mine from the Institute and also the great state of North Carolina would say, “conviction”! What we love and adore is where our heart is. The truth is, the south, the north, east, west, businesses, sports, and even fatback will all fade away. All that remains is the Kingdom of God! Where are our hearts today? Are they stuck on earthly treasures? Placed in earthly things? Loving what will pass away more than what remains? I still and will forever love the south but I pray my heart will love my Savior more!

He's BIG and I'm a little Southern Belle,

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