Tuesday, July 19, 2011

   Excuse me....Can I throw a hissy fit please?????


There is nothing worse than desperately craving a big gulp of sweet tea at McDonald's, placing your cup under the machine filled with the most amazing drink in the world and realizing that they are completely out...oh gracious alive someone help keep me sane! Ok there are worse things but I may or may not just have walked through that valley and am still reeling from the loss! Have you ever just wanted something so bad you can literally taste it and then you can't have it?! It's no fun! Isn't that how life works sometimes? We want to be married yet we can't even get a date or we want the perfect job but for some reason we are stuck in a 9 to 5 pushing papers. Whatever it is we can't seem to understand why it would be so bad for us to have it??? If God really loved us He would give us sweet tea when we crave it or the dream guy/girl that looks the other direction everytime we walk by (once again not speaking from experience or anything) right? WRONG!

Matthew 7:11  says "If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!" God is the author and giver of everything good. He LOVES to give good gifts. So maybe the question is not why can I not have what I want? Maybe the real question is "God, what do you want for me?" Someone once told me that "If we don't have something in our life it is because it is not good for us right now." It doesn't mean we will never have it. It just means His timing is perfect and He will give the good gifts we need...not always what we want! There is nothing wrong with praying for your dream job or dream spouse or even praying for that sweet sugary tea to quench your thirst. The Lord has been teaching me that He is FAITHFUL, His plan is perfect, and if something is withheld from me it is because it is NOT GOOD for my life! Let's be honest when is a big gulp of sweet tea good for a girl with a bladder disorder...umm never! God is the author and giver of all that is good. Our lives are for His glory not our wants! Let's trust that He has it under control and if something as silly as sweet tea is withheld from us it is because it is not good for us at this time. Let us bask in the place He has us in now...for this is for our good and His glory! Later we will look back and say..."thank you, Jesus for not giving me what I wanted, but always giving me what I needed.

He's SUPER BIG and I'm little,


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