Saturday, June 18, 2011

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Cover Girl...

Hey Friends,
Are you chuckling at my title? Oh, me too! In fact, my friend Ashley Robbins is laughing with me while singing the you are singing it too aren't you?

I am sort of struggling to type this post because it feels a bit awkward but yet I want to share because it is prayerfully a HUGE leap of faith in the journey of Small Enough Ministry and even more so for the Truth of Jesus Christ. So here goes...please know my heart is to just share, ask for support by subscribing to SUSIE magazine (I'll explain) and rejoicing with those who rejoice!

I literally am still floored by all this. This past week I got to be interviewed with Susie Shellenberg (former Brio Magazine gal, founder of Susie Magazine) to be the cover gal for the February 2012 issue. Still feels so weird to type that...really weird. I got to share just my life, me, my story and more importantly THE LORD AND HIS HOPE IN THIS WORLD. I am so humbled by this step...huge step. I must admit I don't know the number of girls that subscribe to Susie but it's more than any other step that's happening right now (I'm sort of stuck in Ohio right now...which, Go Ohio! PTL!). I know with all my heart that this broken girl and this broken story is the Lord's and I know He has purpose in getting it shared. So this was HUGE! I am praying, praying and then praying some more that this would be 100% the Lord. Remember my tag line, He's Big and I'm Little. I am also praying that this would be a launch...please Lord let this be a launch for YOUR WORD, YOUR STORY AND YOUR HOPE to be shared by this broken, needin' grace and strugglin' each day gal!

So why do I share this vulnerable somewhat awkward info...because you are my are my are my support. So check out and subscribe...awkward to ask but there it is...please oh please embrace my awkwardness.

He's Big and I'm really little,


  1. Hey, we're ALL little compared to His bigness...even ME!..Haha!...and no one has a bigger and more beautiful heart and smile than you, Betsy...but I LOVE the "He's big, and I'm little" line,'s perfect!! I'm so excited about your magazine cover and article, and I can't wait to read no more feeling awkward about asking all of us who love you to do that...we would be unhappy if you didn't. Spread the WORD, girl! Love you sooooooo much!!!!

  2. Tammy's Comment...Love Ya Bitsy Bets.......